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Finance and Loan

Please consult us should you wish to avail to an education loan.

What is a Loan?

A loan is a sum of money that one borrows from banks or other money lenders so as to fulfill their planned or unplanned events. In doing so, the borrower incurs a debt, which he/she has to pay back with interest and within a given period of time. Before any funds are released the terms and conditions are agreed between the two parties. In some cases the lender may ask for some kind of collateral as security of a form of guarantor. These loans are called secured loans.

Student Loan:

Some students may require an education loan to meet their financial requirements to complete their course. If sourced carefully, a student could achieve a very competitive rate of interest over a given period of time. As mentioned above, the loan falls under the follow.

Based on Collateral:

Loan Against Property, Deposits, and Securities. 

You can pledge immovable assets, such as agricultural land, residential land, flat, house, and others, fixed deposit certificates, recurring deposits, gold deposits, bonds, debentures, and equity shares to get the necessary financing to pursue education.


Third-Party Guarantee:

A guarantor is someone who agrees to be responsible for your payment of debt if you default on payments of your loan. It is not just a formality, because the guarantor is equally responsible for paying off your loan. Hence the lending institutes will make sure that the guarantor is of sound financial standing, and able to pay, should you default.

Unsecured Loans:

In some cases one can obtain the above, subject to the student fulfilling certain criteria such as the student securing a place at top university, merit based marks, and a clear financial history.

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