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Flight Ticket and Insurance

Flight ticket:

There are so many variables to consider here. Are you booking a flight directly with the airline or through an online portal? Students often, because of lack of experience, try to obtain a cheaper ticket. They ignore the facts about timing of departure, timing of arrival at the destination, duration of flight, stopovers in other countries, and least of all the luggage allowances.

Booking directly with an airline may be comforting, but it doesn't always turn out to be the best deal.


Hence we pride ourselves in taking that hassle out of your hands. As we have helped many students with their travel tickets, we are able to guide you with the above, to suit your personal requirements. All we require from you are your personal details, the date of your desired flight, and lastly whether you prefer a direct or in-direct flight to your destination. After this wait and hear from us with multiple options.

Travel or personal Insurance:


Our advisors are more than happy to help you out in this matter.


Not many people are aware that travel and personal insurance is a smart way to financially protect yourself on a trip, whether you’re worried about losing money, or if you have to cancel your flight, or getting sick before and after your flight.

Experienced travelers know that the cost of purchasing travel insurance is not the only consideration. You should shop around for the benefits and coverage that best meet your needs. In addition, there are ways you can gain the most out of a policy and avoid unnecessary add ons. It’s wise to work with an experienced travel insurance agent to select a comprehensive travel insurance policy that doesn’t include coverage you may not need.

What you need to keep in mind is that you will need a "Student Travel Insurance". Most universities insist that a student should be adequately covered for unforeseen circumstance during their studies.

Make sure that your policy doesn’t only cover your hospitalisation expenses in case of an illness or an accident, but it should also cover things like loss of checked-in baggage, missed flight, personal liability, study interruption due to personal or family issues etc.

Purchasing a travel insurance policy immediately after you have bought a flight ticket is being savvy, as it covers you immediately for any unforeseen or unexpected circumstances. Most students think that it will save them money if they purchase travel insurance nearer the flight date. That's a wrong choice, which could cost you a lot. The earlier you purchase the insurance, your trip cancellation coverage begins on your plan’s effective date.

It is highly important to read your Terms and Conditions. This will give you details of what is covered and above all what is NOT covered (the exclusions)and limits.

Finally, note down the contact details should you need to make a claim.

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